NM Sheep and Ibex Hunts

It is well known that NM is home to some world class bighorn sheep.  This is true for both rocky mountain bighorns and desert bighorns.  Very few places on earth have such world class animals, and if your not applying for NM  sheep you should be!  With no point system NM gives you the same chance as every other applicant each year.   New Mexico also has a strong population of ibex in southern New Mexico located in the florida mountains.  These animals are incredible, and should be on every mountain hunters wish list.  Another great opportunity in the Land of Enchantment is the chance to hunt Barbary Sheep (Aoudad).  These are personally one of my most favorite hunts the state has to offer.  It is as physically and mentally challenging as any bighorn hunt, and the draw odds are significantly better.  If you are a passionate mountain hunter, such as myself, NM is a place you should be applying!


new mexico bighorn hunts

New Mexico has world class rocky and desert bighorn sheep.  These hunts vary on dates from early August to march depending on the hunt area and species.  I have a great deal of experience when it comes to sheep hunts and know what it takes to harvest big mature rams.  All of our hunts are conducted with two guides per hunter, with additional spotters available at a daily rate.  We may utilize horseback, ATV, UTV, and good old fashion legwork, depending on the hunt area.  All of our sheep hunts are sold as a seven day hunt for the price of $6500.00, with additional days available if needed.  Call us today and we can discuss unit recommendations and hunt choices to best fit your personal goals!


New Mexico Barbary sheep hunts

New Mexico is a great place to harvest a Barbary sheep (Aoudad).  These hunts are very challenging, and embody all the aspects of any sheep hunt.  These hunts are conducted out of a wall tent camp in a remote part of the state.  These are physically and mentally demanding hunts.  However, with that being said, we have been incredibly successful at harvesting mature 25-30inch rams, with several being a few inches larger.  This is one of my favorite hunts that the state has to offer, and an experience any mountain hunter should enjoy.  These hunts occur in the month of February and are sold as seven day hunts for the price of $4500.00 for 1x1 and $3750.00 for 2x1.   Call us today to get more information about these great hunts!


New Mexico Ibex hunts

The Ibex in southern NM is one of the states true gems.  The Florida mountains these animals habit is one of the most ruggedly beautiful places on earth.  These hunts are offered as rifle, bow and muzzleloader hunts, with a youth hunt also available.  The rifle and muzzleloader hunts are high success rate hunts and a great opportunity to harvest one of these animals.  The bow hunt is bar-none one of the more challenging archery hunts in North America.  If you are applying for archery be prepared to be physically and mentally pushed, but its an incredible experience.  I have personally been successful on the archery hunt and can attest to the satisfaction of being able to harvest one of these animals with a bow.  These hunts are sold as 7 day hunts with two guides per hunter at a rate of $5500.00.  Please call today if this is a hunt that interests you!