NM Elk Hunts

Hunting Elk is an experience like few others.  There are very few things that can compare to hearing the bugle of an elk off in the distance.  Let alone being on a mountain ridge as the aspens turn, and the air hints of fall and winter to come.  We offer elk hunts for all weapon types in NM.  We concentrate in units that we feel are the best combinations of draw odds and trophy potential, and cater each hunters application to meet their unique goals.  Our elk hunts are conducted out of traditional wall tent camps, cabins, or ranch houses depending on the area and hunt.  We do have landowner tags available as well if you are unsuccessful in the draw.


Archery Elk

Archery elk hunts take place in the month of September. The first season is from Sept. 1-14, the second being Sept. 15-24.  We offer our hunts as 7 days hunts with the option to extend for additional days.  These hunts usually consist of calling as the rut begins, spot and stalk, and utilizing travel routes and water sources to target animals.  These hunts are offered at a price of $5250.00 for 1x1, and $4750.00 for 2x1.  Call today if you would like further information!


NM Rifle elk

It is no secret NM has some phenomenal elk hunting, and having the opportunity to hunt them with a rifle in many of these units is an excellent chance at harvesting a mature animal.  These hunts are conducted in the month of October, with some later season hunts also available.  These hunts are five day hunts, and are offered at $5000.00 for 1x1 and $4500.00 for 2x1. There are also many wonderful youth opportunities available in NM.  Call today for more information and ask about our youth discount!


NM Muzzleloader elk

NM has some of the best Muzzleloader hunting in the west!  These hunts take place in October with a late season hunt available in November.  These are some wonderful hunts with some rut activity.  Hunts are conducted as five day hunts for the price of $5000.00 for a 1x1 and $4500.00 for a 2x1.  Give us a call today to learn more about these hunts!