New Mexico Deer Hunts

New Mexico has some fantastic deer hunting!  Here at JH Outfitting we hunt a variety of units to offer you the best hunts for your individual expectations.  We hunt both Coues deer and Mule deer for all weapon types.  These hunts are conducted out of tent camps, ranch bunkhouses, and hotels, depending on each hunt.  If a great deer hunt has been on your bucket list please call us today and we would be happy to help you out!


New Mexico Mule deer

New Mexico is known for some excellent Mule deer hunting.  We offer hunts for all weapon types in various units depending on each hunters goals and desires.  Rifle and Muzzleloader hunts are conducted in the months of October and November as five day hunts for a price of $4500.00 for 1x1 and $3750.00 for 2x1.  Archery hunts are conducted in January as seven day hunts for the same price as above mentioned for rifle hunts.

New Mexico Coues deer

Coues deer hunting is not for the easily discouraged or faint of heart.  Chasing the grey ghost in the desert is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding hunts that we offer.  These animals will frustrate and discourage the best of us, yet the experience, and satisfaction when you are rewarded is something that any passionate hunter can appreciate.  Coues deer muzzleloader hunts are offered in late October, Rifle hunts are done in late November and early December, and Archery is done in January.  Rifle hunts may either be 5 or 7 day hunts depending on the hunts drawn, and archery are conducted as 7 day hunts.  All Coues deer hunts are $4500.00 for 1x1 and $3750.00 for 2x1.

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New mexico private land deer hunts

Here at JH Outfitting we have contracted with several private landowners to offer quality deer hunts without having to draw a tag!  These hunts vary in price and timeframes depending on the specific property we will be hunting, please call us today for further information!