New Mexico Oryx and Antelope Hunts

One of the most unique hunts in NM is the chance to harvest an Oryx (African Gemsbok).  These animals make an incredible trophy, and are some of the best table fare you will put your hands on.  It is also no secret NM offers some great antelope hunting.  Here at JH Outfitting we offer hunts for both, and if this sounds like something you are interested in please give us a call to talk about what options are available.


NM Oryx Hunts

Hunting Oryx in NM is a great experience for every hunter.  These hunts occur on white sands missile range through several months of the year.  They are offered as three day hunts for the price of $2500.00.  If this sounds like a hunt that interests you call today and we would be happy to get you any further information you need to go on one of these unique hunts.


NM Antelope hunts

New Mexico has some of the best antelope hunting in the west, and here at JH Outfitting we are familiar with these animals in every part of the state.  We offer hunts for rifle, muzzleloader, and archery.  We also have private land hunts available as well.  our antelope hunts for muzzleloader and rifle are offered as 3 day hunts for the price of $2250.00 for 1x1 and $1750.00 for 2x1.  The archery hunts are conducted as five day hunts for a price of $2750.00 for 1x1 and $2250.00 for 2x1.  As mentioned private land hunts are also available with prices varying depending on the ranch in which we conduct the hunt.  Call us today for more information,  this is a great hunt for a group of friends, parents and kids, and anyone else who loves to chase these beautiful animals.