New Mexico Bear, Lion, and Turkey

New Mexico is home to some other great hunting opportunities.  It is the place of great lion hunters and houndsmen.  Here at JH Outfitting we have a couple guys with excellent dogs that live and die for the chase.  If a lion or bear hunt has been on your list look no further, we would be glad to assist you in harvesting one of these phenomenal animals. 

New Mexico is also home to a healthy population of merriams turkey.  If you have always wanted to hunt these birds in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico let us help you out.  This is a great spring time hunt, and sure to be a lot of fun.


new mexico lion hunts

These hunts occur from the months of November through march.  Tags are over the counter, and chasing the dogs is sure to be an experience you will not forget.  We can both pursue these animals on the snow as well as dry ground.  We have the dogs and guide power to make it happen.  We hope to see you in New Mexico pursuing one of the majestic animals in the near future.

*please call for pricing and further hunt details

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new mexico bear hunts

New Mexico has an excellent population of black bears.  Here at JH Outfitting we pursue these bears both with hounds and by spot and stalk.  Dog hunts are typically higher success and occur in the months of August through October.  Spot and stalk hunts are a great way to pursue these animals in a fashion that does not involve dogs or bait.  If harvesting a mature bear is something you have always dreamed of please call today!

*please call for pricing and further hunt details


new mexico turkey hunts

Chasing the gobble of a tom turkey in the spring is a thrilling experience.  With a two bird limit and a strong population in New Mexico this is sure to be a thrilling hunt.  This is a great hunt for groups and parents and kids.  These hunts are conducted in April and May.  They are available as a 3 1/2 day hunt for $1250.00 with a two hunter minimum.  Additional days may be purchased and food and lodging is provided.  Please call today for further information, and we hope to see you in the spring in New Mexico!